Hello, my name is Bilge Demirköz. I am a faculty member at METU in Ankara, Turkey. I am originally from Istanbul, Turkey. After graduating from my high school, Robert College of Istanbul, I went to MIT and did my bachelor's in physics with minors in music and math and followed that up with master's degree in particle physics. During that time, I worked on the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer AMS project, which was installed on the International Space Station ISS in May 2011. I did my D.Phil. at Oxford University, working at CERNon ATLAS Semi-Conductor Tracker (SCT). I was a CERN Research Fellow working on the ATLAS High Level Trigger for two years and then a visitor at University of Cambridge for six months. I spent a year as a researcher with IFAE Barcelona, working on jet trigger, jet analysis with first data from the LHC! I carried the Olympic flame on July 6th, 2004 in Uskudar, Istanbul... Here is a photo and an article.

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SpacePart 03
APS April 04, CERN School of HEP, Frontier Science 04
HCP 2005
10th Pisa Meeting on Advanced Detectors 2006, BPU 2006
CERN School of Computing 2007
Lindau Nobel Meeting 2008, TFD25
Beatenberg Workshop, LLWI 2009, ICCMSE 2009
Lindau Nobel Meeting 2010, Pisa Workshop
Physics at the LHC 2011, 7th Patras Workshop, TED Global

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